Neurology through the Ayurveda lens

This article speaks of the nervous system which is a complex, highly specialized network. From sight to smell and walking to speaking, our nervous system organizes, explains and connects
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Domestic Hemp Industry – present and future trajectory

This article dives into the path and projections of the Indian hemp industry. With the hype surrounding the hemp industry lately and investments flowing into this, its high time
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Ayurveda and Food

A proper article on this topic would come up soon here.
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Ayurveda in Sex

A proper article on this would come up soon.
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Ayurveda & Sleep

Sleep is the golden chain that ties mind & body together. Article by Vaidya Anwesha Mukherjee Ayurveda & Sleep Ayurveda mentions Sleep (nidra) in Trayo Upastambha (3 pillers of
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