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What to expect here

Regular information for a strong career path with guidance on all career options available for Ayurveda vaidyas in India and even abroad.
A social networking site inside this site. Network directly with other Ayurveda vaidyas and students here since only they are allowed here. Moreover, only the serious career conscious are here. So you get to network only with you alikes.
From setting up a clinic to having your own startup in Ayurveda, its no mor ejust knowing how to invest and treat would do. Being aware of the legalities,technicalities and usage of various technologies to modern marketing management knowledge and strategies help. This place provides you all these.
You can find many vaidyas and Ayurveda students rom the fraternity around you. But to find someone who rides the mental frequency like you is the challenge. We overcome this challenge and get you connected to those for brainstorming your ideas and potential collaborations.
There are those vaidyas and would be vaidyas who have a strong entreprenial inclination. But nowhere to go to know how and where to begin from. This is the place they have been looking for. Start off with offline and online earning options while being trained on various management skills to develop your potential earning skills through entrepreneurship.
Staying in competiton in the ever increasing crowd of vaidyas means you need more than just a degree. Continuing education and professional development while staying updated with the latest research, advancements and emerging treatments in Ayurveda in this club gives you that advantage over others.
If you ever thought getting a degree was enough for you to grab a job then think again. We help you reach the employers and the employees notice you.
Digital health holds a huge potential ahead. Get to know the inside out of it and start one for yourself. Also get an opportunity to be one on board Pratha Ayurveda.
The Ayurveda fraternity today faces many challenges – dimished evidence based quality, perception of slow healing, limited usable knowledge, limited scope of practice, lack of research and science ecosystem, gimmickry and publicity. This club not only gets into discussing these seriously by some well known members but also works toward finding solutions to these.
Your old books are not just books but could even be more than that with your valuable notes and points in them. Sell your used books here without paying anyone any commission.

How to join

This is an all exclusive club for vaidyas and would be vaidyas. They are further selected by our team consisting of vaidyas and management consultants. The offers to join are released on our social media handles from time to time.

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