India is only land on the face of this planet to take the levels of having a healthy mind and a healthy body to the highest pinnacle to attain godliness. More than 3000 years of exhaustive research and data generated through a combination of Yoga, Meditation and Ayurvedic wizdom makes it the only exclusive system to consider the human body as one of the most important components of the universe. With the benefits of Yoga and Meditation already catching up with the forward looking and educated around the world, its high time to dig out the beauty and charm of God’s language of a purposeful human physical existence pushed down systematically by the Mughals and then further by the British raj –
AYURVEDA. Considering Ayurvedic knowhow as a philosophy than just a science, Pratha Ayurveda envisages to make Ayurveda a part of our lifestyle and bring back India’s long lost glory of medical treatment like never before.



An online consultation with any Ayurveda doctor can never replace a face to face physical  Ayurvedic consultation. However,  Pratha Ayurveda is always trying to improvise with the use of online consultation technologies to provide the best possible Ayurvedic treatment to you from a distance. Towards this, our first step has been to provide you with Ayurveda doctors available online with us from reputed institutions like AIIMS, AIIA, Patanjali, CBPACS etc.
We are not a third party platform like Practo or a random collection of medical professionals like Jiva. Pratha Ayurveda understands the sensitivity of an online medical consultation. And therefore all our Ayurveda doctors are fully trained to perform the best on an online platform like a video or a telephonic consultation. Further, every online consultation and the Ayurvedic doctor’s performance with every consultation is thoroughly monitored and audited so that the patient coming in for an excellent Ayurvedic treatment isn’t disappointed.
Authentic classical treatment methodology followed in all consultations. Our online doctors don’t fire in the dark. A proper systematic and authentic Ayurvedic treatment procedure is followed.
Going for an Ayurvedic doctor consultation on an online platform like Pratha Ayurveda saves not just your time and energy but also provides you the option to choose the best Ayurvedic doctor for yourself.
On the Pratha Ayurveda platform you have the option of online consultations in various Indian languages like Punjabi, Bangla, Pahadi and others. Our  Ayurvedic doctors guarantee a side effect free treatment.
Use of modern technologies to keep in touch with you and provide the best to you. The best advantage you receive is from the “Pratha Ayurveda” mobile app by going online. Not only you receive regular health tips and updates online from our Ayurvedic doctors but you can now carry our doctors literally with you all the time.
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With a vision fine tuned to be futuristic, Pratha Ayurveda is always putting its best foot forward not only to look beyond the evident but also venture into new arenas of Ayurvedic treatments. Bringing in the ancient wisdom of authentic Ayurvedic approach with modern progressive technological knowhow, Pratha Ayurveda brings to you the very best of medication with a humane touch and no side effects. Towards this our doctors are available online for telephonic consultations. Taking the online facility further we are now available through our mobile app.





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