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The present scenario-
900 million plus Indians use smartphones in India and amongst them a huge majority uses apps available on them regularly. These days using an app to reach your patients and vice versa is one of the most successful strategies globally. Ones presence in the app world also provides an unchallengeable class.
Pratha Ayurveda in collaboration with Livestream Internet Pvt. Ltd. brings to you an unbelievable strategy to get one easily. And this is how:

We develop the main screen and the contact page of the app 100% free. The inside pages would be partially developed enough to be workable. You need to pay only for publishing it on the playstore, appstore or both.
The main focus of the app would be to put across a very strong image of yours as a market savvy and upto date vaidya who is concerned about the ease of patients.
Your app will stand out in terms of content and its presentation to compete with your immediate Ayurveda competitors but also with those from other systems of medication.
Your website will facilitate ways to retain patients and make it easy for them to approach you easily and without apprehensions.
An app goes for certain extra features which a website can’t. Our team would inform you about all of them and then proceed as per your needs.
In future if you feel the need to make your app go full fledged, our team would sit with you to develop a complete strategy to derive the best out of your app.  There is absolutely no time frame when you can decide to go for this.  This is your profession and app, and therefore you decide when to go for what and how.
Receive regular strategy updates on how to use this website and other ways to expand your horizon effectively maintaining your class and image.
The content for an app is a challenge as it has to be extremely concise and yet pass across the complete and correct information. Our expert content writers and branding experts would work on them and this would be free.
The timeline for this project would be:
Your mobile app developed, designed and published within 15 days of the content being finalised.
A plan of action for your participation on Radio Pratha shared with you within 15 days of your showing.interest.
In the scenario you decide to upgrade to a full fledged mobile app anytime later, a project report would be created at our end with your collaboration for your app and created in a time frame of 1 month. For the project report strategists with backgrounds from management, medicine and IT would coordinate with you. The final commercials would be worked out accordingly and an idea of the same given to you before the whole procedure begins.
One time payment of USD 25 plus taxes for Google Playstore.
USD 99 plus taxes per annum for App Store.
Complete account handling , utility and the requirement of the above services would be explained in details to you before you decide to go for this. 
We have the following in our team to work as advisers for this project for you apart from regular staff for IT, content writers and graphic designers:
Aditya Dutta; Vice President, Bank of America, Chicago, USA
Dr. Aditya Arya; Ex.  Spl. CP, Rashtrapati Bhawan, New Delhi
Dr. Preeti Bhosle; Ideator,  Pratha Ayurveda, New Delhi
Siddhartha Dutta; Co-founder, Selectyourtutor, NOIDA

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