Project Ayur Utkarsh

The present scenario-
Vaidyas realise the necessity of a website seeing how doctors from other systems of medicine are using them to brand themselves, increase their reach and incomes in way never before.  But IT companies exploit their ignorance in IT to shell out investments for features they might not even require.
Pratha Ayurveda has now teamed up with Livestream Internet Pvt Ltd. to bring in a service removing the issues faced by the vaidyas to provide the following offer:
We develop your home page of the website absolutely free. And its free now and forever. You need to pay for the domain and hosting only.
The home page will focus on branding the clinic as a stand out one. The page will in a subtle way provide the impression that you not only have a modern and updated knowledge to approach every patient but also are a brand ambassador for Ayurveda.  And while doing we will keep the content legally safe.
The inside pages won’t be left blank but would be partially done to remove the impression of an incomplete website.
To make sure your site is technically sound, it would be hosted on world’s top hosting platform – Digital Ocean where Livestream Internet Pvt. Ltd. has its own dedicated server.
A professional email id  (yourname@your puts across a much professional and serious image than a free email id. We help you to operate the professional email id.
A SSL certificate is something many ignore even though its a must. This certificate makes sure that not only the site is safe for the visitors but also keeps all the data safe.
If at all in future you feel the need to make your site go full fledged, our team would sit with you to develop a complete strategy for your website.  There is absolutely no time frame when you can decide to go for this.  This is your profession and website and therefore you decide when to go for what and how.
Your website will stand out in terms of presentation to not only compete with your immediate competitors but also with those from other systems of medication. The website will facilitate ways to retain patients and make it easy for them to approach and get started with you in future.
Your website having the right content means an automatic visibility on search engines and for this you need the right content content – from the doctor’s perspective and that from the market’s end. Our team of professional content developers along with the doctors create the complete content for free.
The timeline for this project would be:
You website registered and homepage hosted within 7 days of content finallised.
A plan of action for your participation on Radio Pratha shared with you within 15 days of your showing interest.
In the scenario you decide to upgrade to a full fledged website anytime later, a project report would be created at our end with your collaboration for your website and created in a time frame of 3 months. For the project report strategists with backgrounds from management, medicine and IT would coordinate with you. The final commercials would be worked out accordingly and an idea of the same given to you before the whole procedure begins.
Domain : INR 299
Professional Email ( : INR 348/year
Hosting : INR 3745/year
SSL Certificate : INR 3504/year
Complete account handling , utility and the requirement of the above services would be explained in details to you before you decide to go for this. 
We have the following in our team to work as advisers for this project for you apart from regular staff for IT, content writers and graphic designers:

Aditya Dutta; Vice President, Bank of America, Chicago, USA
Dr. Aditya Arya; Ex.  Spl. CP, Rashtrapati Bhawan, New Delhi
Dr. Preeti Bhosle; Ideator,  Pratha Ayurveda, New Delhi
Siddhartha Dutta; Co-founder,, NOIDA

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