Pratha Ayurveda Proposal

Pratha Ayurveda proposes collaboration with vaidyas all across India to come together, expand their practice and go for a complete brand overhaul. For this purpose, we propose to provide the following alongwith the collaboration (which would come in effect by either going for Project Ayur Utkarsh or Project Ayur Udbhav).
Project Ayur Utkarsh. For those who wish to exploit Information Technology at the entry level.
Project Ayur Udhbhav. For those who wish to upgrade to the highest level of the benefits of Information Technology.
You are not a product to be sold at a grocery or an e-commerce store. The relationship between you and the patient isn’t that of a buyer and seller. A doctor trying to sell himself/herself as a product not only provides an impression of lack of self belief in the system of Ayurveda  but looses the stature a doctor is supposed to carry rightaway. To play on the right footing, you have to float an image in such a way that the existing patients promote you without realising. A promotion by a third party who has no direct or indirect benefits to gain from you, works the best and is most authentic. Pratha Ayurveda would promote you directly on its own social media handles from time to time for free to create that very brand.
Be heard with your experiences and ideas. We will have a cloud server where they can provide inputs and brainstorm ideas which which would help pulling up Ayurveda at par with the best in terms of acceptance and a premium brand. To make this productive, experts from fields like management, medical law, corporate law and venture capitalists would be pulled in as well.
The senior vaidyas have always something to share from their experience and the juniors have always something to ask and learn. We will have an exclusive platform for all those who collaborate with us to be a part of this platform
We propose to involve vaidyas in Product Formulations which we pick up from Pharma companies from time to time.
You become eligible to participate on Radio Pratha running on the Pratha Ayurveda app. You can participate in discussions as well as promote yourself.
You would be eligible to go for providing consultations to patients through our app coming to us from India and the US as of now. No participation fee. And no hidden charges.
Livestream Internet Pvt. Ltd. has different entities running under its umbrella. One of them is This website would gradually have a facility to provide medical consultations to students all across India. You would be eligible to be a part of this as well. And for free.
We will be conducting live video telecast ayurveda events on our app. You can participate on them and promote yourself as well.
We would be conducting regular online sessions on our app where experts from fields like medical laws, corporate laws, strategic brand management, medical graphology etc. would be participating. This would be made available keeping in mind the vaidyas who wish to grow and maybe explore opportunities beyond their traditional practice.
As Ayurveda doctors, we shouldn’t forget our fraternity, our nation and centuries old gift of Ayurveda passed onto us.  We propose to promote all the Ayurveda doctors according to a set marketing plan to on the social media together as a collected force rather than all separately.  A proper plan and the commercials involved would be laid out gradually.
You can also opt for cross social media promotion with Pratha Ayurveda. We can guide you through the details and help you out on this once our collaboration is through.


Aditya Dutta; Vice President, Bank of America, Chicago, USA

Dr. Aditya Arya; Ex.  Spl. CP, Rashtrapati Bhawan, New Delhi

Dr. Preeti Bhosle; Ideator,  Pratha Ayurveda, New Delhi

Siddhartha Dutta; Director, Livestream Internet Pvt. Ltd., NOIDA

Sachin Ravindran, Filmmaker, Streaming Pixels Media Production, New Jersey, USA

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